Lilac Platinum Stud Appears white and smiling while taking a walk.

We are proud to introduce you to our top-quality AKC-registered French Bulldog studs. Get acquainted with our proven sires, carefully selected for their superior genetics, robust health, exceptional coloration, and prestigious AKC certification.

AKC C3 Clear Lilac French Bulldog Stud – Aries

French Bulldog Stud Aries looking off into the distance
C3 Clear Aries is a Lilac and Tan French Bulldog Stud that can produce IVDD Clear pups!

Allow us to introduce Aries, a truly exceptional AKC registered French Bulldog stud. Aries sports a stunning Lilac coat adorned with striking Tan points, making him a sight to behold. What sets Aries apart is his clear Cystinuria 3 (C3) status, making him an ideal choice for breedings focused on future stud services. Coming from healthy lines, Aries is undoubtedly an extraordinary addition to the world of French Bulldog breeding.Read more about Aries, the AKC C3 Clear Lilac French Bulldog Stud

AKC Lilac French Bulldog Stud Ottawa, ON – Enzo

Lilac Frenchie Enzo sitting on the back deck wearing something stylish.
Lilac Stud, Enzo Sporting some stylish apparel.

Introducing Enzo, an exceptional and AKC-registered Lilac French Bulldog stud. Enzo, born on June 18th, 2021, and weighing a solid 22 lbs, possesses a compact and robust physique. Notably, Enzo stands out with his vitality, making him a remarkable choice for breeding purposes. It is worth mentioning that Enzo carries a copy of cream (e), further enhancing his genetic appeal. Enzo is available for local breedings and semen shipping across North America. Read more about Enzo, the AKC Lilac French Bulldog Stud in Ottawa, ON

AKC Fluffy French Bulldog Stud – Elon – Toronto, ON

Lilac Fluffy Stud, Elon sitting on the back deck.
Elon is a compact Lilac that carries the Fluffy / Long hair gene.

Elon is a formidable AKC-registered Fluffy French Bulldog stud. Although not visibly fluffy, Elon carries a copy of the long-hair (Fluffy) gene and can produce fluffy pups. As a compact Lilac-Trindle with an impressive lineage, Elon is a notable choice for those aiming to introduce the fluffy gene into their litters. Read more about Elon, the AKC Fluffy French Bulldog Stud in Toronto, ON

AKC Lilac Platinum Stud – French Bulldog Astro

Platinum Lilac French Bulldog Stud, Astro sitting on top of a tree trunk.
Astro is a Lilac Platinum French Bulldog Stud that has sired several 9 pup litters!

Meet Astro, our versatile AKC-registered Lilac Platinum stud. With a medically cleared four-panel DNA profile certified by UC Davis animal genetics, Astro carries an incredibly unique DNA color profile that makes him a flexible choice for various color pairings in a breeding program. Read more about Astro, the AKC Lilac Platinum French Bulldog Stud

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The genetic quality and unique coloration of our AKC-registered French Bulldog studs are well-known. Our commitment lies in providing the highest quality studs, which contribute to the health, vitality, and genetic diversity of the breed. Should you have any questions or require more information about our studs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.